Benefits of Play based Preschool

What will prepare your child best for school?

An academically focused preschool or a play based-preschool?

One study compared children's behaviour when provided direct instruction while another looked at children's behaviour when the child was allowed to explore without any direct instruction.

What were the results?

Both children learned the intended use of the toy. However, children who were allowed to explore the toy without direct instruction found additional uses for the toy whereas the other group did not.

While direct instruction can help us achieve great test scores, there is a whole element of creativity and imagination that can be neglected.

Play based preschools provide children with the opportunity to discover and explore.

So this brings up an interesting question. Are they playing or are they learning?

Are they playing or are they learning?

It's big question many parents are wondering when they are introduced to play-based preschool: Are they playing or learning?

Its both!

By incorporating play into the curriculum, kids learn through play.

Math and science skills are acquired through the various play-based activities they participate in.

Who wants kids who will achieve more, get better grades, and have better self-esteem?

If you are involved in your child's education, they will achieve more, get better grades, and have better self-esteem.

Your child will develop more self discipline and consistently complete their homework (if you stay involved).

Another interesting benefit is that Vancouver is very multi-cultural. Children from diverse backgrounds tend to do better when parents are there to help bridge that gap between home life and school life.

These are the benefits of a parent involvement preschool.

In addition, you get to know the other kids really well and you build a sense of community with all of the parents.

Your child is supported by a network, not just a teacher

Kiddies Korner Preschool is a parent involvement, play-based preschool that is also a member of the Council of Parent Participation Preschools.

This gives our teachers a network of resources to help educate your child through play.

This support has been a key component to the continued success of Kiddies Korner preschool and is one of the reasons our educators have been able to continue growing in their practice each and every year.

The council meets on a regular basis to discuss the challenges faced by the different dynamics of kids and the best way to educate each child. Teachers in this council exchange ideas on different activities for the school and how to create a fun community for the different personalities in their classrooms.

Bring your child down to look around

Schedule a visit to KKP and come see how the kids are playing and learning. We would love to meet you and your children. (We are currently not holding in person tours due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic)