Over 50 years of preschool excellence!

Founded in 1969, Kiddies Korner started as a Parent Participation Preschool. In 2014, the parents and teachers worked together to change Kiddies Korner Preschool from a Parent Participation Preschool to a Parent Involvement Preschool. This change in the program gave us the opportunity to lighten the parents requirements significantly without having to change the teaching and learning philosophy that we so strongly believe in. We are still a non-profit society, founded and maintained by parents. Parent Involvement encourages parents, children and teachers to contribute to and participate in a creative learning and growth oriented environment.

For a child, it is the opportunity to learn and grow in a rich and happy environment with many interested and caring adults. It means "special days" when Mom or Dad comes to help the teachers.

A parent involvement preschool helps each child achieve and enjoy the fullest development possible. It provides each parent with the opportunity to increase their understanding of themselves and their children.

Our preschool's unique environment includes an excellent adult-to-child ratio allowing for individual attention. We are proud of our quality programming with play activities. Kiddies Korner is an inclusive preschool, welcoming all children including those who require extra support.