Shelley Graham

My children both attended Kiddies Korner years ago. Participating here, with this community, inspired me to go back to school and become an Early Childhood Educator myself.

Growing up my remarkable children is, by far, my favourite job, and teaching preschool to help other children develop a strong sense of self is something I feel extremely passionate about.

I feel very strongly about the importance of showing up for children consciously, respectfully, and with their developmental stage in mind. My goals as an educator are to build meaningful connections with both children and their big people and to hold space for all their humanness as they discover, feel, grow, learn and work through all of the hard things. My hope is to create a village of individuals who support, help, accept one another, and celebrate all the differences we each bring. I want every individual who is part of our community to feel seen, heard and accepted just as they are.

Carmen Van Dop

My name is Carmen Van Dop and I am a qualified Early Childhood Educator with 24 years of experience. I have been blessed with a vast variety of professional experiences working within preschools and child care settings.

As an Early Childhood Educator, I value each child and the unique gifts they bring to the classroom. I love to laugh and build true connections with the children. I believe that forming relationships with each of the children is what matters first, and from there we will build on supporting each of their needs. I bring a love of aiding children in connecting and recognizing their feelings as well as growing a passion for self-advocacy within their worlds. My joy often comes from witnessing our little people advocate for themselves and others in their community.

My husband, of 21 years, and I are raising two funny, kind, compassionate and empathetic teenage daughters who make us laugh and beam with pride each day. As a family, we enjoy spending all of our spare time at our property up at Mabel Lake where we enjoy being on our boat, taking our two hilarious and quirky dogs for walks and watching them swim in the lake.

I am excited to be a part of the collaborative team at Kiddies Korner and look forward to getting to know each of your families and making new friends with your little people.