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Daily Routine at Kiddies Korner Preschool…

Each preschool session is schedule with structured and predictable routines and the children fall into this pattern within the first few weeks of school. We find the children thrive off of being able to know, expect, and predict what the next step of the preschool day will bring, making transition a little smoother for this age group.

The daily routine is as follows:

Arrival – Children and families are greeted individually as they arrive. They often enjoy sharing in a hug or telling the teacher about something important in their little lives. The parents also have an opportunity to discuss any information the teacher may need to know for the day. Children learn to independently change into their indoor shoes and wash their hands to keep themselves and friends healthy and ready to play.

Creative Play – Children engage in activities in the different areas of the classroom, freely choosing what they would like to do. Our preschool has three sections of the preschool, a paint room that includes a grain table, water table, paint easels, play dough, and often one main ‘messy’ crafting activity, a music room with house and kitchen play activities, gross motor activities, building and creating opportunities, jumping apparatuses, blocks, cars, a few class pets, and lastly a snack room completed with more fine motor like activities, art projects, journal writing, puzzles, a comfortable loft full of books for the children to get lost in. This is the most important part of the session for your child. We allot this part of the session the longest time.

Collaborative Clean Up – As we sing together, we clean up and help one another put away the toys and apparatus used for the day.

Snack Time – In preparation for snack time the children share in books at the tables while they are called individually to wash their hands. Each day a different family brings in a favorite healthy snack to be shared with the children. This is a great way to encourage children to try new foods, practice sharing with their peers, and leaning to use their manners with their friends.

Learning Circle – Teachers and students gather around the carpet to sing, dance, make music, listen to stories, preform science experiments (like growing plants and butterflies, and observing their progress), participate in discussions and share ideas. Each students will have a designated day to bring in a special item to share with the class as part of our Show-and-Share program. The share portion of the program, encourages children to bring a non perishable item to be donated to the food bank for families in need of food.

Outdoor Time – We take advantage of our outdoor facility each and everyday. There are very few days the children do not make it outside, we remind children to come prepared for rain, snow, and sun. We have a great climbing playground, swings, stride bikes, a very large sandpit, a play house and other climbing apparatus to enjoy together.

Departure – We return back to class to sing our ‘goodbye’ song and be dismissed individually as parents arrive.

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