Our Facilities

Playground Facilities

playground1We have bright, new playground equipment and a little road for bikes, scooters and wagons. The swings are a favorite for sure!

With ample lawns, wood chips, large sand box and rubber matting, concrete is kept at a minimum. The result is a child friendly environment where kids can truly flourish.

Our Classrooms

IMG_6050 Large, bright and fresh with various learning centres, the main classroom at Kiddies Korner is  exceptionally well   equipped.  Designed to fully accommodate a  play based curriculum, here you will find puzzles, building  blocks, games, craft tables, gross motor activities, toys, a kitchen  centre and much more.

Our reading loft presents a fun and comfortable nook, where  children can browse through a library of educational (yet  entertaining and colourful) books.Small circular tables promote group activities and make  snack time all the more sociable and fun.

Arts and Crafts Room

art4A favorite part of the school for many children is our arts and crafts room. This is where over active imaginations have free range! We have a wealth of arts and crafts supplies, including a grain table and a water table, poster paint, brushes and easels and space for play dough. Here children can also participate in fabulous art projects which change daily. Parents will be glad to hear our art room is equipped with painting shirts to help protect the children’s clothes.

Music and More…

dressupIn our music room you will find the circle time mat, where we start and end our day, including scheduled lively news updates from the children.

Our “living space” is equipped with a pretend kitchen, bedroom and dress-up area.

Our school also has access to a large kitchen where parents prepare the shared snacks. Sometimes the children take part in cooking or baking activities.

Parent Facilities

As a Parent Involvement Preschool, Kiddies Korner embraces the principle of educating not just children, but parents too. Ultimately the goal is the IMG_6036same…to give children the best possible start in life. This has led us to include the following facilities for parents;

1. Our Parent Education Resource Library

We have a good selection of education articles, books and DVDs on a wide range of topics to support parental development. To borrow materials from the library speak with our teachers at the Preschool.

Also see our online resources page on this site.

2. Our Parent Education Speaker Series

We host two Parent Education speakers throughout the year. This will take place at 2 of the 4 general meeting required. We aim to keep these varied and informative. Often expert speakers are invited to our facility to bring light to issues that impact our children.

Play Based Parent Involvment Preschool
Designed to develop the whole child