About Us

Our Teachers

Meet Shelley Graham

My children both attended Kiddies Korner years ago; participating here with my children and Mrs.Durkin (the former teacher who was part of KKP for over 40 years) inspired me to become an Early Childhood Educator myself.

After being here with my own children I went back to school and completed my Early Childhood Education training.

Being mom to my children is by far my favourite job, and teaching preschool to help other children develop a life long love of learning is something I feel extremely passionate about.

I have a deep love for Kiddies Korner and here feels like home to me. I feel very strongly about the importance of play-based, child-centered learning within an early childhood setting, and connecting children with nature.

My goals as an educator are to build meaningful relationships, teach kids how to learn in their own unique style and to help guide children’s natural personality traits intobecoming people who are critical thinkers, responsible, productive and caring citizens.

I love being a part of KKP’s nurturing environment where children, staffand families all work collaboratively to build a better community!

Meet Aida Hassan

I am a former Spanish and English teacher to overseas students with a background in Marketing and Advertising.

My love to travel has taken me to live and work in different places. I strongly believe multiculturalism enriches children’s lives. Bringing children’s potential to the fullest and co-creating with them while having fun are the drivers in my practice.

In my spare time I like to read about wellness with a special focus on emotional intelligence and children’s nutrition. I love spending time with family and friends, reading, yoga and going for walks in nature.

In my practice, I wholeheartedly embrace the philosophies and theories behind responsive curriculums. The two fundamental aspects in my philosophy of teaching are: respect for the child, seeing the child as a complete being, and the pedagogy of listening.

As Carlina Rinaldi states, If we believe that children posses their own theories, interpretations and questions, and are protagonists in the knowledge-building processes, then the most important verbs in educational practice are no longer “to talk”, “to explain”, or “to transmit”… but “to listen”.

Listening means being open to others and what they have to say, listening to the hundred (and more) languages with all our senses… Listening legitimizes the other person, because communication is one of the most fundamental means of giving form to thought (Carlina Rinaldi).

Our Kids

Kids at Kiddies Korner:

Our children range in age from about two-and-a-half to five years old. All our activities are designed so the children can be successful at their level. Everything we do at Kiddies Korner, especially art, is open ended and free.

“The children can approach their projects anyway they wish. I want them to feel empowered to be who they are, and approach the art at their level – without worrying about what it is going to look like in the end.” Jennifer Durkin

Our Children Learn:


  • To solve problems
  • To get along with others
  • To express themselves
  • To satisfy their curiosities
  • To cope with their feelings
  • To use their bodies effectively
  • To feel good about themselves
  • To enter Kindergarten with confidence
  • To express self-confidence and independence.

Our Parents

Parents at Kiddies Korner

At Kiddies Korner Preschool our aim is that your involvement be as fulfilling for you, as it is joyful for your child.


Our new parent involvement program is a great fit for all families. This program allows for the flexibility of working families, part time working families, or a stay at home parent or grandparents.

What will be expected of you, as a parent? Every 4-6 weeks, each family has the opportunity to bring their favorite healthy snack to preschool to be shared with the children, participate in our show-and-share program, and finish the day by collecting towels used for hand washing and messes to be washed and returned.  A family’s duty day does not require the parent to stay in the class, although we always welcome parents, grandparents, and family to join in on the fun and discovery of a day in the life of a  preschooler.

Parent Involvement Preschools are different than other preschools because our parents are directly involved. Parents have the opportunity to be in the classroom as much or as little as to what is fitting for their family. Parents have a say in the administration of their child’s school and are asked to attend 4 evening meetings per year with free parenting education and school business discussions. Parents are required to dedicate 7 hours of fundraising time to help raise money for our school through our only fundraiser, THE IMAGINATION FAIR! It’s a blast, a total success, and the kids love it! Parent Involvement Preschools are a great place for both children and parents to learn new skills, meet new friends and take the first steps together in a school setting.

Many families have special talents and hobbies they enjoy sharing with Kiddies Korner Preschool (passionate about recycling, scholastic orders and book lovers, a green thumb, photography, marketing expertise, fire fighters, police officers, teachers, etc.) and we welcome help in building our school strong, adding to the experience, and contributing to our strong community.

Our Story

Over 40 years of preschool excellence!

Founded in 1969, Kiddies Korner started as a Parent Participation Preschool. In 2014, the parents and teachers worked together to change Kiddies Korner Preschool from a Parent Participation Preschool to a Parent Involvement Preschool. This change in the program gave us the opportunity to lighten the parents requirements significantly without having to change the teaching and learning philosophy that we so strongly believe in. We are still a non-profit society, founded and maintained by parents. Parent Involvment encourages parents, children and teachers to contribute to and participate in a creative learning and growth oriented environment.


For a child, it is the opportunity to learn and grow in a rich and happy environment with many interested and caring adults. It means “special days” when Mom or Dad comes to help the teachers.

A parent involvement preschool helps each child achieve and enjoy the fullest development possible. It provides each parent with the opportunity to increase their understanding of themselves and their children.

Our preschool’s unique environment includes an excellent adult-to-child ratio allowing for individual attention. We are proud of our quality programming with play activites. Kiddies Korner is an inclusive preschool, welcoming all children including those who require extra support.


Our Program

Our ‘Learning Through Play’ Program:
quotepicPlay contributes to happy and healthy child development and facilitates all types of learning. Learning through play fosters imagination and relationship building, and is a key in supporting children’s optimal physical and mental development.

Public Health Agency of Canada, National Child Day & Rights of Children


Kiddies Korner supports a `Learning Through Play` method of teaching, so a typical day at the preschool might include:

Free play – arts, crafts, dramatic play, building toys, music, books, puppets, sensory activities, water play, play dough etc.
Snack time – social time, birthday celebrations
Circle time – singing, stories, show-and-tell, science
Outside play – bikes, balls, sandbox, play equipment, playhouse, swings

To discover more about class times, fees and class structure
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Play-Based Curriculum

Here are some examples of how our play-based curriculum can provide for children’s development:

Outdoor play: Children need fresh air and exercise; it helps to develop strong muscles and healthy bodies. Physical play helps to develop an awareness of their bodies (balance, strength, coordination) and builds confidence.

Story time: Sitting quietly listening to stories develops the skills of concentration and attention, and is an introduction to the wonderful world of books and reading. and builds confidence.


Block building: Building is a bridge between the world of pretend and reality. It provides experience in spatial relationships, opportunities for sharing, and develops large and small muscle control. Blocks also provide a pre-math experience (size and shape sorting, balance).

Painting: Painting provides an opportunity for self-expression and enjoyment. The fun of creating is more important than the end product.

Water play and sandbox: Play in these areas encourages experimentation in texture and measurement in a fun way. It also presents early scientific and math concepts.


Play dough and clay: Modeling provides a release for aggressive feelings and offers general enjoyment.

Dramatic play: This type of play is used to re-enact experience and stories, fears and feelings. It allows children to try out different roles and promotes cooperation.

Language communication: Communication and speech improve enormously at preschool. They are developed through all forms of play. Table toys: Puzzles, beads, games, etc. These help a child to develop his hand-eye coordination, sequencing skills, ability to follow direction, and concentration.

Cutting and pasting: These provide an experience in hand and finger manipulation as well as self-expression. When presented with a variety of materials, shapes, textures, and objects to glue, children find and enormous amount of enjoyment in their creations.

Science table: Objects and experiments feed a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them and expand general knowledge.

Play Based Parent Involvment Preschool
Designed to develop the whole child