> What does a Parent Involvement Preschool (PIP) Mean?

Parents are given the opportunity to be involved in their child’s preschool experience, although parents are not required to stay on any given day. A Parent Involvement Preschool understand the importance of a child’s development, learning and success in life and school to be directly correlated to the family involvement.  The teacher to child ratio in a PIP is 1:8. This tends to be smaller than the tradition preschool, which is 1:10. When we add a volunteer parent in the mix of the day, it’s lowers the adult to child ratio but still fosters the perfect balance of allowing children to discover, socialize, play and learn independently.

> What involvement is expected from parents?
> What role do I have as a duty parent?
> What does a typical day at Preschool look like?
> Are there any days where the children leave the facility?
> What do you mean by a play-based program?
> Do we send our own snack?
> Are you affiliated with the church?
> Why should I choose Kiddies Korner Preschool?

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